Why should you manually trigger a referral?

Manually triggering a referral allows you to perform a Custom Event action on behalf of a participant. This will result in their referrer receiving referral credit. This is useful when you have a Custom Event referral trigger that happens offline, or if you are unable to integrate the referral trigger programmatically into your site or web app.

E.g, someone converts into a paying customer or makes a purchase after they signed up on your site.

Important notes:

  • A website visitor will need to have visited and signed up on your site using another participant's unique share link (e.g, https://yourwebsite.com?grsf=participant_unique_id). You must have also integrated the form on your site to add participants to your referral program. This way, GrowSurf will recognize the participant has a referrer, and you can manually trigger a referral.
  • A referral will only be successfully counted if it is triggered within the referral credit expiration window (which can be configured in the Options step of the Campaign Editor).

How to manually trigger a referral

Step 1: Go to your campaign dashboard, and search for the referred participant by their email or unique ID. View their details to see a page that looks like the image below.

Step 2: Click on the blue 'Trigger Referral' button on the top-right side. A popup window should appear asking if you want to confirm triggering a referral. Click the 'Yes, Trigger Referral'.

Once the referral has been triggered, the referred participant's referrer should receive referral credit, and any emails that you enabled in the Campaign Editor will be sent out.